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As your business begins to grow, you might feel yourself being stretched. The complexities of running a business render you time poor, and often things can get out of hand. That’s where we come in. Our expert team is willing and able to offer tailored business strategies and advice to help you navigate your way to success.

Business Planning

We design and help implement expert business plans to create a clear pathway to meet your objectives.

Business Improvement

Does your business lack a strategic plan? Cash flow & profitability problems? Let us look into your business and provide insight on areas you could be improving. 

Structuring & Proactive Business Advice

At Chan & Naylor, we believe that you should work “on” your business and investments and not “in” them. This is our guiding philosophy in our business advisory service to our business clients in regards to tax effective structures with a main focus on:

  • Asset protection,
  • Business real-estate planning,
  • Succession planning,
  • Sale and purchase of a business.

Asset Protection

We ensure you protect your assets and overall livelihood through the use of different tax structures.

Business Purchase Preparation

We’re by your side when doing due diligence on a business you’re considering buying.

The Chan & Naylor Business Enterprise Trust™

It is critical for any business to operate in the optimum structure taking into account, the needs for: asset protection, estate planning, complexity, flexibility and stakeholders.

The Chan & Naylor Business Enterprise Trust™ (BET™) is a business specific Trust with discretionary capabilities. It is a flexible business structure with advanced asset protection and estate planning features.

The BET™ provides an efficient and effective operational and functional support for people operating a business either in a single family or with third party partners (requires additional documentation).

The BET™ is an ideal structure for family owned generational businesses.

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